My Prestige Christmas Hamper!! *

Hello! Recently the very kind people at Prestige Hampers sent me a luxury Christmas food hamper to review,  how cool and more importantly kind is that?! Even though it is the middle of November and some people may deem it too early still, I am very much in the Christmas spirit already. Whether that might be because this is my first year out of many I won’t be working in retail and I won’t have the pleasures of irate Christmas customers during the most wonderful time of the year or just because I am a great, big kid when it comes to this time of year.

I love everything from hunting for the right present for a loved one, going to Christmas markets munching on sweet, roasted chestnuts and daydrinking mulled ciders and wines. The dark winter nights aglow with fairy lights and candle lights too, and snuggling by the fire with a hot chocolate in hand watching some feelgood Christmassy films. In my household Christmas has always been such a lovely time of year and I am eternally grateful to my parents for raising me with some cherished memories over the festive period. We always have a lot of family time and enough food and drink to make a King jealous as do a lot of families all around the world I’m sure so with that in mind that’s why I think a food hamper would make an excellent gift at Christmas. Well at anytime of year really but Prestige Hampers do an amazing selection perfect for any occasion and also would suit anyone from your parents, your tricky in laws, that friend that already has one of everything to the colleague who has gone above and beyond for you. You don’t need me to recommend who to give it to, you get the gist!


When this arrived I did a little squeal because it came in a huge box. The wooden hamper it came in has a rustic look and feel to it and it feels like it is expensive and well made too. I know if I gave this or received this as a gift I would be really impressed with it.


I don’t know whether the red theme throughout with the lovely gifts inside was intentional or not but I love that it adds to the festive look; all uniform in red. I had a card inside from the company itself which I thought was a really nice touch. When sending one of these yourself you can personalise the card and the message to who you may be giving it to. Equally you can order it online and send it straight to the lucky person’s home or work (if you want to make everyone else in their office or workplace dead JEALOUS) I imagine it would be standard Christmas delivery dates so if that was something you were thinking of doing it’s best to organise it sooner rather than later. Scratch that I just had a look on their website and the Prestige Hamper elves are going to be working hard even until Christmas Eve!!

In my box as seen here I received:

  • A bottle of red wine… Louis Filipe Cabernet Sauvignon to be precise! So very, very nice!
  • Chocolate chip and orange shortbread (which were delicious by the way).
  • Walkers Highland oatcake biscuits.
  • Yumcious Bar of Awesomeness. Or also known as a bar of milk chocolate. I quite like calling it the former from now on.
  • Some Mr Filberts olives marinated in chilli and black pepper.
  • A white chocolate eton mess bar from Valley Chocolates.
  • A Little Box of Happy marshmallows coated in dark chocolate.
  • A mini santa sack full of chocolate chip and orange biscuits.
  • And some New English Tea selection box with 20 teabags in.

This was such a lovely gift to receive and would make such a great present too. Giving hampers or foodie gifts I think is such a nice thing to do because you can often personalise it down to what that person actually likes so much so you know they’ll eat and drink it. Compared to giving someone a cute trinket or something similar which might just sit on the side this is something you can actually use. Equally with some hampers by the time you’ve bought the basket/hamper/box or whatever you’re using to  put everything in and then when you go out and buy the items to go inside too it all soon adds up in price.

IMG_0094 One of the things I really liked about the Prestige Hampers site is that there is simply SO MUCH BLADDY choice. From wines, to cheeses to a sweeties hamper for that sweetheart sweet-tooth in your life (hiya) or even a pet hamper for that special kitty or pooch there really is something for everyone. They’ve even got hampers full of bath items like bath bombs, scrubs and shower gels, afternoon teas in a box and a special diabetic friendly box too. Which I think is a really great idea. Finding things suitable for those with intolerances or speciality diets can be such a nightmare sometimes so finding a whole hamper for a gift would make for a happy person, especially as I know they can often feel a bit left out.

Their hampers come in such a wide range and also coming in a wide range of prices starting from £9.99 all the way up to their prestige hamper which is down from £999 to £750! I did have a look at it, and only drooled over it for a bit but your Christmas dinners would be so sorted with this one! These are the type of gifts that would last for a while, you could share with your family (if you really reeeaaally wanted to that is) and also you could reuse the hamper box it came in again. The prices may seem steeper than you’d probably imagine but like I touched on earlier if you were to try and replicate this all yourself it would probably cost the same if not a little more dearer. The products inside are all really nice and are high value. They are packaged nicely, they were bubble wrapped ensuring nothing would break and inside they were laying on some shredded paper. The box it came in is high quality and sturdy too and comes with two handles on the side making it easier to carry and to place onto someone’s lap on Christmas morning. They think of everything at Prestige.

I’m not just saying it because they sent it to me but I am genuinely really thrilled with this company, their quick service, they have a very prompt customer service desk and I would be really made up if I had one of these as a gift. My sister and I gave our grandparents a hamper for Christmas one year and as nice as it can be scooting around your local supermarket with all the other hurried shoppers and handpicking everything, getting one of these saves so much hassle!

What would be really cool would be if you could have a build your own section on here. If you could customise which hamper you want (some of them are wicker or wooden and really quite nice looking to be honest) and you could choose what goes in out of everything available on their site. It would probably be a massive pain the bum for the people making them and would cost a bit more money I’m sure as well! But having said that sometimes it’s quite nice to try new things as well that you might not have tried before, for instance I never really liked chocolate orange flavours (it’s complete blasphemy I am so sorry) but I am obsessed with the shortbread in here. It’s so buttery and delicious I could eat it all day if I didn’t want to fit into my jeans.

I really enjoyed working alongside Prestige Hampers and am so so thankful they sent this to me, so thank you so much! I think I’ll be definitely treating some people or a certain doggy in my life to something from here.




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