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Good morning my delightful little pain au chocolat’s I hope you’ve had the most wondrous of weekends and are settled in and enjoying this brand new week. You may have noticed I am a brilliant mood at the moment and to top off my ever glowing mood the very lovely Erika nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award and I squealed seeing I’ve been tagged. So thanks a BILLION. If you have a spare moment or two I’d really urge you to check out Erika‘s blog; I love reading her posts or catching up with what she’s up to on Twitter or Instagram.

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So the Blogger Recognition Award was made for bloggers by the bloggers. It’s basically a great way to celebrate, champion and let other bloggers know that you appreciate and are a fan of their hard work. If you are on twitter and follow the drama surrounding the blogging world and circles you may have seen a lot of drama erupting over the last couple of months or so. There has been a lot of bad business where a small few can let the side down a little and make it a more uncomfortable, catty place to be. There are some who are only blogging to get numbers, followers and freebies which is a great perk but if that’s the only reason you’re doing it then you might be in it for the wrong reasons! Before I ramble on and on for the rest of the night I’ll explain a bit more about the rules of this one.

  1. You have to write a blog post thanking the person that nominated you.
  2. Explain your story on how and why you started blogging.
  3. Share two general pieces of advice to other bloggers.
  4. Nominate fifteen other bloggers and let them know you’ve nominated them too.

So long story short, but I used to have a blog that was preeetty successful given that I was only about 16/17 when I first started it and blogging was still a relatively new thing all of those years ago. 6 years ago now actually how crazy! Anyway, my blog was a little safe haven for me to share all the beauty tips and tricks, new fashions and places I’d been I could share with my online friends. A lot of them I am still friends with now and am loving seeing them grow and grow and GLOW. However my old job took over and I had an incident in the workplace in December 2015 and I lost any mojo I had. I didn’t want to do anything, I didn’t want to leave the house and was seriously suffering with my anxiety. Unfortunately I lost some readers and a lot of brands lost interest too, naturally going from me being active twice a week to nothing for months. Fast forward to May this year, I was having a terrible, terrible time at work as seen here and a person I employed was making my life a holiday in the depths of hell. I bought myself a notebook and ended up writing down all my thoughts and feels and remembered how much I loved blogging. How much prettier my random ramblings look in 12 arial font on my laptop compared to my scribble. How freeing it felt to let those ideas flow into the midst of the interweb and also making new friends in the process. So when I quit my job and left in July I suddenly went from working all day errday to having endless amounts of time on my hands. So I spent a whole day in the summer trying to get my head around wordpress, trying to think of a blog name, and getting my mojo back and it’s felt better than ever. Writing has been my passion since I can remember. English and creative writing has been my thing since I was a little girl and I’ve always loved how you can get sucked in and immerse yourself in someone else, their thoughts and their universe through written word. And if any of you do that with my words…well that’s just made my day. But also God bless you poor souls.

So that leads us to where I am today. I’m still bumbling along, keeping you all updated with the life and times of yours truly.  You guys comfort me in ways I didn’t know I needed and I thank you all so much for reading, glancing, following and generally being the lovely people you are. So CHEERS!

If I could put any advice for bloggers forward it would probably be:

  1. Try to not compare yourself with others. I know it’s a lot easier said than done but remember any milestone is an achievement. Life is not a competition and everyone has a niche.
  2. Engage with other bloggers. Some are my greatest friends (and instagram likers what’s more important these days?!?) and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

So here’s the fun part picking 15 other bloggers to do this award!

  1. Paolo. This guy<<< He was one of the first people I interacted with through this blog and he is such a gem. He is a Canadian gent who types about a whole host of things, we bonded over our shared love of food and my goodness does Paolo know good food. If you want to make your tummy rumble check out his blog or even his instagram. YUM.
  2. Gemma. My goodness. I don’t really know how to put into words just how fabulous this woman is. I’ve known her for years. She was one of my blogging friends from my old blog and I can talk to this lovely lady about almost anything. She might not tap tap tap away on her blog as much as I’d love her to but she’s always active on her twitter account, feel free to catch her attention with something funny or rugby related or for extra brownie points a funny rugby meme how about that Gem.
  3. FLO. Very similar to Gemma,  one of the most FABULOUS people I cyber know. It breaks my feels that I’ve never actually met either of these two beauts but they are two people I’ve known for years and am so glad of it. Flo is such an inspiration and a true Girlboss. I don’t think I know anyone else our age who works so blimmin’ hard and when she reaps the rewards I am genuinely so proud and happy for her.
  4. Jimmy. How lucky am I that I can now share the beautiful blogging world (well sometimes beautiful sometimes bitchy but hey that’s life) with my real life bestie! He came into my life only a few years ago and what a whirlwind romance we have had since then. I’m not completely sure what I did with myself before he burst on the scene, other than living with a Jim bean shaped hole in my heart.
  5. Hannah. Hannah may possibly be one of the nicest, brightest people I cyber know. She seems so lovely and happy all the time whatever she’s on I want at least 8. I love her blog and her YouTube, if you want some serious wanderlust and to wish you were on a roadtrip with the rockstar herself watch her video of her USA trip.
  6. Molly. Now, how do I even have enough words to describe Miss Molly Rees. She is an absolute love. She’s a brilliant blogger and a brilliant friend to boot. How lucky am I that I only live down the road from her, winnninnnnggggg. Her tweets always leave me giggling and her blog always leaves me wanting another post to just reappear for me to read.
  7. Tanya. She is an absolute diamond. I feel I could just leave it there. But if I could encourage every person in the world to have a bit of Tanya in their life it would be no bad thing. She’s utterly lovely and her blog i’m borderline obsessed with. Her latest post about the speed dating event she went to I really enjoyed. Plus her photography gives me the major green eyed monster, I wish I could take a snap as well as she does.
  8. Sarah. One of my favourite things about the blogging world as I may have already mentioned but being able to connect with and learn more about other things from other bloggers first hand accounts is something I’m really thankful for. Sarah is one of these. Her blog posts are refreshingly honest and raw. I love reading about her family and her honesty about it all. Life isn’t all sunshines and rainbows but it should be, especially for this lovely lady.
  9. Kamilah. If I ever become rich and famous I would pay a ridiculous amount of money for her to write my very indulgent biography. And also would mean I get to hang out with her all day so win-win! She’s so beautiful, charming and witty. Her post about the eleven films you should watch before you die was perfect. I feel she and I may be twins, or at least she’s stole my netflix account one of the two?
  10. Felicity. Supportive bloggers can be very few and far between these days but this chica is one that always stands out to me. She’s a real angel and her blog post about her trip to NYC made me want to get on the next flight to America. She’s one of the kindest bloggers I know and what a difference it would make if we all took a leaf from her book. The world would be a better place that’s for sure.
  11. Jessica. I feel if I knew this girly in real life we would be real life friends as well as cyber blog friends. She’s so warm, fun and always seems to be at the best places! Oh and I did I mention she’s also absolutely stunning. Like IRL no filter perfect. Not jealous or annoyed whatsoever. I may have gone on a little The Body Shop splurge after reading her blog post and now have enough of their body butters to keep me silky smooth until about August 2022.
  12. Laura. This girl is destined for big things. She is so glamorous I honestly had a mini panic when I spotted her twitter account and blog I honestly think she looks like someone that should be famous. Oh did I mention one of her blog posts was featured in Grazia. She is a babe. Check out her blog post on recreating the Kim K smokey eye look, it’s my new go to on a night out!
  13. Jess. She’s such a nice person and I wish we didn’t live so far away from one another she seems like the type of person I could go for a coffee, cake and a good old chuckle with. Check out her blog, give her a follow, send her some flowers she’s a real love. Plus her flatlays are to die for! Teach me your ways!!
  14. Jovy. To me, her blog is goals. It’s minimalist style is clean cut and so perfect. I am a big fan of her writing style and photography. I think I’ve been drooling over her shrimp tacos for my entire life now. And her post about her top five soups to make this winter has given me so much inspiration and made me a little hungry too! They all look so delicious and I love hearty dishes this time of year. Perfect.
  15. Gareth. I love that the number of male bloggers are growing more and more these days and Gareth is a true gent. He’s one of my favourite tweeters and he deserves even more recognition than he already gets. He’s such a cool dude and if you’re into retro gaming, parenting blogs and blokes with long hair then this is the guy for you! I particularly enjoyed his post on his daughter’s fussy eating habits. Mainly cos aged 22 I am going through the exact same problems with myself. Bread and cheese is life.

WELL that was a lot harder than expected but it felt great to be able to write about all of these splendid peoples. I wish I could have continued for everyone I know but I can’t go around giving everyone an ego now can I?!

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Hey you? Come here often? 😏 my name is Abbie and this is all the stuff I think, say and do. My teachers told me I had no aptitude for physical education and probably won’t amount to much. I mean so far they’re only half wrong?

3 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Definitely agree that words just look better in a good font on a blog than in a journal… Especially with me writing… (It’s terrible). And wow, I can’t believe you started at 16/17. Makes me feel like I started blogging really late, haha!


  2. Enjoyed reading this! Happy that you found your way back to writing and blogging. Such a great medium for expression and creativity where would we be without it.

    Great tips on blogging too its easy to get up in comparison but the only one you should compete with is yourself. Engagement is key! I would never have met you otherwise! What a great list of bloggers on your list definitely will be following them if not already.

    You humble me with your words for me and my blog. Thank you so much, truly. I’ll get my reply out after I pump out a couple posts that have been in the pipeline for a minute. Great post as aways!


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