I’m going sober for October!

I decided to go sober for October a couple of weeks ago when I saw the advert come on the tv one evening. I’ve always wanted to get involved with charity work whether it be big or small, the idea of doing something rewarding has always really appealed to me. So much so I am looking into getting a lot fitter and possibly training with my friend Dan who is always doing charity runs and tough mudders; so watch this space! Unfortunately my fitness levels, my body and my health aren’t exactly in the place for crawling down muddy obstacle courses but to kick start it I’m giving up the booze for a whole month!!

That might not sound all that impressive or huge to some people but for me it will be a good challenge. I really enjoy going out with my friends, making silly memories and doing the typical things young, carefree twentysomethings. My liver will be able to have a rest, my bank balance will be resting easy and i’ll be able to wake up on four consecutive Sundays without a dreaded hangover fresh from the pits of hell. It’ll be a good way for me to learn to have some willpower and stick to being alcohol free, will help with my overall health and wellbeing but most importantly it will be raising money for an excellent cause. 

Cancer scares me. Even the word I don’t like. One out of every two people born in the UK after 1960 will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime, extensive research is being done all the time, spotting signs early, going for regular check ups and helping to donate will hopefully lead to us one day beating this dreadful disease. My little challenge is not a patch on what cancer survivors have to go through and every little helps with the excellent Macmillan support group.

If you’d like to stay up to date, follow my progress, join me in an alcohol free month or if you wish I was out partying, drinking and dancing the night away with you and would rather put the cost of a g&t or tequila shot to a better cause, I would be beyond grateful if anyone would like to donate to this incredible cause I’ve put the link to my sponsor just here. I’m aiming to raise (hopefully £75) which if you think will cover the cost of just over 3 hours of a Macmillan support nurse going to help those who really need it. Or could keep a Macmillan support centre open for an hour.



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Hey you? Come here often? 😏 my name is Abbie and this is all the stuff I think, say and do. My teachers told me I had no aptitude for physical education and probably won’t amount to much. I mean so far they’re only half wrong?

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    1. That’s very true so fingers crossed! I’m already drinking so much more water too which is good. I’ve just updated the link so hopefully it’ll work better now, thank you for letting me know though!

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