Anchor Inn; Seatown, Dorset.

Today we embarked on a leisurely day out with the family and the pooch. Living in Dorset I am surrounded by rolling hills, quaint little hamlets and beachy coves to explore. I’ve grown up here my whole life and I still haven’t been absolutely everywhere within my own county. Anyhow; we went on a trip out in the car and ended up nearby to Lyme Regis. I spent a lot of my childhood summers that was as my grandparents had a caravan there and my mum has family that way too, so that part of the world has always had a familiar, welcome home feel.

Sweeping round the coastal roads the skies were bluer than the sea and you could see for miles and miles around. We stopped for lunch at a charming seaside gastropub overlooking the beach.


Lunching with a view this place is called Seatown and it’s only a few miles up the Jurassic coast from the town of West Bay where tv favourite Broadchurch was filmed. Back to perusing the menu. There was a good range of things from meat dishes, fish, vegetarian and a good selection of smaller plates for someone fancying something a bit lighter. I was torn between either having the kraken fries which were loaded fries, topped with pulled pork, jalapenos, smoked cheddar cheese and a rich bbq sauce but I succumbed to the carby gods and decided to go for a hot dog which came cloaked in monterey jack cheese, a huge helping of caramelised onions, mustard and chunky chips.


It was really tasty and full of flavour. Often if you order a hot dog in a restaurant you might end up getting the cheaper sausages which aren’t always the best of the best but this was really delicious. It was good quality meat and the piggy in me certainly enjoyed just how loaded this dog was. It wasn’t the most dignified thing to eat but Abbie smashed it and hasn’t eaten since. Also can I just add, the chips were so yummy. Perfectly crispy on the outside and warm, soft and fluffy in the middle. Drenched in vinegar, my fav.


spotted this little gem in Lyme Regis. Home goals!

As pub lunches go this was up there. It was really busy and everything was cooked to order so we had about a twenty or thirty minute wait on food. But with a view like that who could complain?! It’s been such a long time since we all went out as a family and had some typical ‘pub grub’. I’d definitely recommend this place if not for the food at least for the views. 

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