How I won a CHANEL handbag! P.S this is not clickbait.

Personally I can’t think of anything more typically Parisian and iconic than the interlocking CC on the Chanel logo, perhaps the Eiffel tower or a box of pastel macarons. I have lusted over this label since I can remember, it is something of an icon and something I have always dreamed of affording. IMAGINE MY EXCITEMENT WHEN I SCREAM I AM NOW THE PROUD OWNER OF A CHANEL CAVIAR DOUBLE FLAP BAG.

If you’re the type of person that that name may not mean much to you, well you may wanna skip this post. Soz. But I am here to tell all you lovely people just how easy it was. If you’ve been reading some of my previous whinge posts you may already know that I left my full time job back in July. So in the last week of August on a rainy day at home I decided to enter practically every single free competition going on the web. From cruises round the antarctic to winning a racing bike (in hindsight, I don’t know what i’d have done with that either) but I came across a post on twitter to just simply retweet and win a Celine handbag. I always see those tweets, I nearly always retweet tweet them and I don’t ever win.

Arm Candy website to see what it was all about and noticed another competition where you simply guess how many sweets are in a jar (as easy as that I KNOW) and you could win the dream handbag of your choice. There were so many designer bags it was hard to choose just one. I chose the Chanel because it has always been a dream of mine to own one. I didn’t think I would win and if I’m completely honest I thought it would be one of those ones where so many people enter I’d never think about it after that. And to be honest that’s exactly what I did. When I entered this contest it was free to enter for one guess. I took a gamble on the amount of marshmallows in the jar and didn’t think anything of it.

IMG_3130 These are the said sweets in the jar, I was one guess out which was the closest.

I entered my mobile number and email and clicked out of the tab. I got a confirmation text and forgot about the whole thing. About five or so days passed and I have really poor signal at home and received a voicemail from a random mobile number. Now this happens to me more than anyone I know. I am forever getting odd voicemails from people I don’t know. I once received one from someone asking the whereabouts for ‘greenfly’. I wish I rang back asking who has such a cool nickname and how they acquired that moniker too. Anyhow! I clicked on the voicemail expecting something ridiculous, out of the ordinary, a muffling in a pocket or a wretched PPI call; the audacity when they now leave voicemails was the first thought I actually had.

It was from Robert, one of the directors of Arm Candy congratulating me on winning a Chanel handbag asking me to call back on this number. Even as I called back and spoke to him I still didn’t quite believe it. To be honest as it’s sat in my bedroom I still don’t! I was in complete shock. I never win anything! We spoke over the next couple of days and arranged to meet at a hotel in town. Partly because we have building work going on at home so having nice photos taken wouldn’t be the most ‘instagrammable’. And also, my family were a bit concerned about it all. It seems far too good to be true that I would have got such a fab prize for nothing! My sister and mum came along as I met Robert and Gary last Wednesday.

I was super nervous and excited all at the same time. What if no one turns up? What if this was the world’s most random and elaborate scam? I got a text from Robert to say they had arrived and saw the luxe black chanel carrier in the hotel foyer from the corner of my eye. I made a beeline and introduced myself to the pair. Sitting down with them we had a little chat about it all and my experience on the site. Even with the bag sat in pride of place in front of me I still couldn’t quite believe it. When I entered they were still doing their free vote trial initiative and now it’ll cost you £2 for one vote, £3 for three votes or £5 for ten votes. I think that is really good value considering I’d think nothing of spending about £3ish for my usual skinny vanilla latte.


Say hello to my baby Coco born on the 5th of September 2017 weighing in at a slight 1lb 12oz it had been a long wait but she is absolutely perfect. Mother and baby are doing well with baby still yet to make her first outing out of the house.

If I have anything to say about Arm Candy other than THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, it would be don’t be afraid to enter. Someone has to win and you never know it may be you? It may sound wayyyyyy too good to be true but I can guarantee to you, this isn’t a scam. If you are a handbag lover like me this place is right up your street.

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