A few years ago, the Legend that is, Kate Moss came out with this gem “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”. Little did we know, our Mossy had clearly forgotten about the wonderment that is carbs. More importantly burgers. What better way to celebrate National Burger day than showing you some of the most magical burger joints I’ve visited recently.

I had a conversation with my best pal in the car last night (cos we all know that all the most important conversations happen late at night with your BFFL in the car) and I confessed, albeit sounding like a pretentious twonk, that I hate chain restaurants. It’s a bold claim, one you might even see on an Urban Outfitters white tee one day but I love finding hidden little hideaways up a side street that no one else has heard of and having an incredible meal. So much so between me and a couple of my friends, I’ve developed a bit of a reputation of finding hidden gem eateries and I tend to be in charge of picking where to eat too.

IMG_2937So first up is this delight from MeatBusters in Bath as seen above. I decided to have the classic beef burger which came with melted cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions and ketchup and mayonnaise. The burger was fresh and the meat was really succulent and just literally fell apart. YUM. I ordered mine with a side of cheese fries and a mint chocolate milkshake. I have the taste palette of a child. My friend Jimmy had the Farmer Brown burger which had a fried egg in it. IMG_2939Above is the monstrous Chicken stack burger from YoYo burger in Bristol. I went in here on a whim. I was in Bristol with a friend and we fancied somewhere slightly different for lunch. So I typed in the best places for good food in Bristol and this place popped up on the list and it was within walking difference from where we were stood on the waterfront. The chicken stack burger hit all the right spots as well. It was a moist (cringing at the word so SO bad) breast of chicken slathered with a tangy barbecue mayonnaise. Add some bacon, cheese, onion rings and a hash brown between two toasted buns and you have the chicken stack burger.


This doughnut burger was at YoYo Burger in Bristol again. Eaten about 3 minutes after devouring the first one and I regret nothing. Some people may look at that and feel their arteries gaining an extra layer whereas I just feel hungry and want to lick my screen. Everything inside me was screaming saying NOOOOO think of the cholesterol levels and this definitely won’t work. But boy, did this taste gooooood. Sandwiched between two glazed krispy kreme doughnuts was a ground beef patty with cheese. It had that tasty sweet and salty combo you get with maple bacon and if i could eat this all day errrday I probably would. I’d be dead or very unwell by 24 if I did but sweet Jesus this was goooooooooooood.


Slightly different to the theme so far of grease and meat. Above is a totally vegan burger I had whilst out for the day with an old work colleague buddy. We went to the very cool Glastonbury for the day and popped into his fav place to eat called Excalibur and I was a bit anxious at first but was very pleasantly surprised. I loved the amount of detail that went into all of their dishes and the flavours were so well put together. This was a veggie burger. It was so tasty with beans, lentils and sweet potato. The mayo was made from creamy cashews and it was topped with slices of sauerkraut and gherkins. I am a lover of the gherks so the more the better.


This was the smoky beef burger from Byron Burger in Salisbury. It’s topped with shredded crispy onions, lettuce, bacon, cheese and a fat old gherk on the side. I got mine with a side of cheese fries. So delicious.  My only complaint is that it’s not the easiest thing to eat, it’s a touch too wet so you can’t look dignified whilst shoving this down your throat in 0.7 seconds. Soz.


If any of you ever happen to end up in the random city of Salisbury in Wiltshire, England. I beg of you to take a trip to one of my favourite haunts, The Craft Bar at The Salisbury Arms. Great service, great cocktails and theeeeeeeee best food. This bacon crunch burger is just as good as it sounds. The beef patty was cooked to perfection, topped with a sweet BBQ sauce,lettuce, cheese, bacon, and frazzles those ultra cool and retro crisps which gave the whole burger a great added texture and crunch. 10/10 would eat again. Oh and to top that off, see that little pot next to the burg…that’s a bacon jam.

I hope this post has made you as hungry as it has done to me. From my belly to yours have the happiest national burger day.


Abbie x


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Hey you? Come here often? 😏 my name is Abbie and this is all the stuff I think, say and do. My teachers told me I had no aptitude for physical education and probably won’t amount to much. I mean so far they’re only half wrong?


  1. Now those are some good looking eats! Been seeing a lot of doughnut burgers out there lately and just not sure about it still 😛 Apparently no regrets thought hey? Now i’m craving a burger… Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks so much Paolo, and thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I really enjoyed it but everyones taste is different. If you like the sweet and salty flavours that you get with like maple bacon you’ll like it. Or it reminded me of the sausage from the pancake and sausage breakfast meal from Mcdonalds along with that sweetness too. I HAVE SUCH A SWEET TOOTH!!

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